Our Story

Wellington Toffee operates in Milan, IL, and is privately owned and managed by Kevin Kellums and Stanley Thomas. Kevin learned the ropes of candy-making back in 2001 while working in a local retailer's commercial manufacturing department. It was there that he became well-versed in the process of making caramels, peanut brittle, and of course toffee. Stanley brings a creativity to the business and is behind most of the creative flavor combinations that we make. Due to the popularity of the candy, Kevin and Stanley formed Wellington Toffee in 2016 with the goal of utilizing product sales to provide resources and support to the people and communities who need it most. 

Sales of Wellington Toffee currently support the following charitable organizations:

Family Enrichment Center - Davenport, Iowa

The Family Enrichment Center | Davenport, Iowa

The Family Enrichment Center (FEC) of Davenport is an organization aiming to transform the lives of individuals and families in the Goose Creek Heights neighborhood by providing programs dedicated to education, social and recreational activities. Their goal is to support at-risk youth and help them become successful, positive and productive members of their community. FEC was founded by Kevin Kellums and Stanley Thomas is the current Board Chairman. FEC continues to provide resources for the students and families in and around the Goose Creek community in partnership with Davenport Community Schools and Community Action of Eastern Iowa. Recent activities include providing clothing, hygiene supplies, toiletries and food for students at a local middle and elementary school. We are also working with the local intermediate school to implement a math support program to bring students lagging behind to grade level.

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation | South Dakota

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation was established in 1889 and was originally included as part of the Great Sioux Reservation. Proceeds from Wellington Toffee sales help support the Reservation by providing residents with basic needs, as well as school supplies and entrepreneurial programs for students. One of our founding partners regularly visits the reservation to help ensure proceeds are meeting the needs of those served. 

Living Hope for Children

Living Hope for Children | Uganda, Africa

Living Hope for Children provides resources including food, shelter, schooling, medical care, faith training for at risk children throughout Uganda. Wellington has been a proud partner with Living Hope since 2009. Currently proceeds support 9 orphaned students who otherwise would not have the luxury of attending school, and provide funds for various needs that arise throughout the year (supply drives, school fees, general funds)


Higuey Schools and Orphanages | Dominican Republic

Wellington Toffee has provided much-needed funding to a number of schools and orphanages in the Dominican Republic, helping to provide everything from basic needs to school supplies, to computer equipment. Future plans include developing a food distribution network that would serve thousands of local impoverished people. While the effects of Covid have affected our initial plans, we remain focused on bringing about long-term sustainable impact within the DR. In the meantime, we continue to fund food drives, school supply drives and other needs as they arise.


"Our aim is to provide a high-quality product while also making a positive impact in our world, which we couldn't do without your help. Thank you for your business!"

Faithfully serving,

Wellington Staff