A Means to a Beginning...

A Means to a Beginning...

I spent some time with some good friends from near and far this past weekend. Ben and Najuna Tumuheirwe from Uganda and Eric from the Quad Cities. When visiting with them, Ben shared some very compelling thoughts reminding me that there is always work to be done, the widows and the orphans are plentiful, and everything we can do to help is much appreciated.

Ben has spent the past 10 years plus providing homes, schooling, food and family for orphans in Uganda. We are fortunate enough to support his work. Wellington Toffee is a means to a beginning, meaning that with your help we are committed to making a difference in the lives of orphans in Uganda, the Dominican Republic and right here in the United States.

Enjoy your toffee, but enjoy it that much more knowing that your purchase is making a difference in the lives of children near and far. Thank you so much

WT Staff


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cool message,Kevmo! Hows the sales going? started makin candy today— cherries today peanut-butter cups tomorrow.Miss you guys .We are prayin for a productive season:]

lawrie and rita

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