Our mission is to pour resources in to developing communities locally, nationally and globally. In 2017 we will use funds from toffee sales to begin new business ventures within the communities we partner with. In doing so, we will help create new business and jobs for local residents within the community and help create a sustainable source of income.

We are super excited to begin 2017 with a solid goal and plan to impact the lives of many in Uganda, Africa. Funding from our sales this year will be going toward a savings/credit co-op in Uganda. This will provide seed money to the organization Juna Amagara to secure small business loans/start-up capital to begin entrepreneurial ventures in Uganda.
My close friend Ben will facilitate the process in Uganda and we will get to see first-hand the effect our combined efforts have on creating jobs and change in this developing country. We are setting a goal of $300,000 in sales and want to use ALL proceeds after cost of goods to the co-op. We can do this together!
The mission is great and I guarantee you are going to love the product! Our toffee has been tested over the last 16 years from its modest beginnings in the candy store. Share the mission/vision and goals and let’s get this done together!