Welcome to Wellington Toffee!

 Throughout the last several years we have always made toffee for fundraisers on a local scale. It all started when the founder of our recipe asked to help our local nonprofit by selling her #1 seller – delectable English toffee. Of course we jumped at the opportunity! I had often helped make the toffee and other candy at her shop during the busy holiday seasons. Customers like you always commented on the way the toffee keeps a nice crunch, while melting in your mouth and not sticking to your teeth (the milk chocolate on the top didn’t hurt either).

As our business grows, so does the scale to which we can help children in need. We’ve always known the high quality of the toffee and seen the satisfaction on people’s faces when they taste the buttery goodness. While we are very stringent about the quality of product we use and produce, we are equally as passionate about helping children in need.

Thank you for being part of this exciting venture! We cannot do it without your help. Whether you are a new customer, returning customer, helping to build a network (see our Virtual Village tab) or just stopping by to check us out, thank you so much!



Kevin and the WT staff

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